PBN was formed in about 1991 with 6 partners and was intended to bring the concept of “virtual business” to what was then a bricks and mortar world.  We offered mainly Lotus Notes software, business consulting and email systems.  As hard as it is to believe today, there was a time when “email” was a novel concept, and websites did not yet exist outside of the academic world. 

Private Business Networks delivered hundreds of work-flow-improvement projects to dozens of companies in Canada and the United States.   Gradually the number of partners was reduced as different people expressed different interests until about 2000 when there were just two remaining owners, Robert Gailey and Don Winchell.  In 2001 Don Winchell bought out Mr. Gailey and continues to today to own the company.  Around 1999 Mr. Winchell began to study with Robert Fritz , and shortly thereafter formed Prosperity Consulting.    Prosperity Consulting delivered business consulting services based on the Structural Thinking model presented by Mr. Fritz.  

Today Prosperity Consulting continue to offer business consulting delivered by it’s owner Don Winchell as well as continues to deliver technical solutions via software development, websites, Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing with a team of over 30 people based in North America and in Vietnam 

Contact us here,    or via Prosperity Consulting to learn more.